About Us



2019- 2020 Staff 

Director: Kari Planz

Three-year old class 2 day – Tuesday/Thursday

Head Teacher: Andrea Kowaleski

Assistant Teacher: Emily Planz

3 day 3/4 year old class – Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Head Teacher: Emily Planz

Assistant Teacher: Jess Gregg

Four-year old class, 5 day – Monday – Friday

Head Teacher: Kari Planz

Assistant Teacher: Charity Preston


A Message from our Director… 

Thank you for considering joining our preschool family. Providing a safe, developmentally-appropriate learning place where your family feels comfortable and where your child can thrive socially and academically is of utmost importance to our staff, and we consider it a privilege to do so.  

Calvary Methodist Preschool has been a ministry of Calvary United Methodist Church for over 40 years. Our preschool board consists of preschool parents and church members who oversee the operation of the preschool and provide encouragement and support to the preschool staff.


My own five children (who range in age from 15-26) have all attended Calvary. Though I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, I quickly realized after my first child was born that I wasn’t meant for that career. I went back to school at night for education and have been working with preschool age children since 2003: as a coach at World Class Gymnastics, a teacher at St. Mary’s in Waterford, finally, at Calvary as an assistant, working my way up to head teacher then director. Not only have my kids attended, but I’m proud to say that two of them also work here. 


I’m often asked why I love working with preschool age children and the answer is easy: because they are so excited to learn new things! Not only that, but this age group is constantly teaching me new things, which makes the job ever-changing, new and interesting. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to spend my days with your children. 


I look forward to meeting you and your child. I am always available to answer your questions or discuss any concerns or ideas you may have. 


About Andrea…


Andrea has an M.S. in Education, a NYS certification in special education and reading and 6 years experience as a master teacher in an integrated preschool classroom.  She was a former administrator at day/residential school for students with autism and related disabilities until she became a mom to Kameron, 10, and Josie, 5, who both attended Calvary. Her background and education bring a wealth of knowledge to our school.




4 year old Curriculum


  • Social skill development – Sharing, taking turns, following directions, developing friendships, sitting for circle time, walking in line, cooperation

  • Fine motor skill development – Tracing, coloring, cutting, gluing, writing, correct pincer grasp

  • Gross motor skills – Climbing, jumping, yoga, bike riding, swinging, throwing and kicking balls, running

  • Literacy skills – Name recognition, letter recognition, letter sounds, some beginning sight words

  • Math readiness – Number recognition, counting, shape recognition, beginning addition

  • Science – Measuring, predictions, graphing, baking, sensory play

  • Music and Art – Music and movement class, daily themed art projects


The three yr old’s day is slightly modified to fit their developmental stage.