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Blog Header image of Teacher on the floor in front of a laptop. Behind her is a board with pictures and letters. On the top right is an image of bins of learning materials lined up on a bench. The text reads Distance Learning at Calvary Methodist Preschool, the website address is included

We are all very excited about the 2020-2021 school year. At this time we plan to see everyone at school in September. However, like the local school district, we will switch to distance learning if the rate of COVID-19 infections increases. While we all prefer being in the classroom with our students, their health and safety, as well as the health and safety of our staff is the number one priority. Our distance learning plan consists of 2 aspects: take-home learning kits and Zoom meetings.

Take-Home Learning Kits

Our take-home learning kits consist of Math, ELA, and Fine Motor Skills practice. All of the activities for the week will be centered around the week’s ‘theme’. This past spring, we were closed for Weather Week, so students had a last name rainbow to practice writing their last name. During Zoo Week we provided families with materials to set up their own Zoo dramatic play, and they ran with it! For Ocean Week students created an octopus and counted out dots on the tentacles. We also will send home students’ journals and handwriting books. The activities should be fun and engaging for them!

learning supplies
Left image is of a child playing with stuffed animals in an indoor plant, middle image is of a chair with a welcome to the zoo sign. Right image is of a child petting a stuffed animal

Zoom Meetings

The second component of our distance learning plan is our daily zoom meetings.  There will be different group activities each day, such as morning circle time, story time, art, music, large motor/following directions(yoga, scavenger hunts, go noodle). Schedules will be sent out in advance, and whenever possible, sessions will be recorded for viewing at a convenient time. The live meetings are an important part of our learning experience, because the children will get a chance to interact with each other and their teachers.

image on left of a child holding cartoons of her teacher while sitting on the rug. Image on the right of a child sitting on the rug in a video meeting with his classmates