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Calvary Methodist PreSchool was a great experience for all three of my girls!  They all went from the two day to full week school during their time and just loved it!!!  The teachers are kind, caring, and most of all helped each of them grow and become prepared for kindergarten.  I would recommend Calvary Methodist PreSchool to anyone who is looking for a solid foundation for their children.
Sarah McKinney

We moved to the area 3 1/2 years ago and didn’t know anyone here. We were so blessed to find Calvary Methodist Preschool. Our two daughters have had a wonderful experience there. They have learned so much while having fun along the way. The teachers have been incredibly kind, caring and truly treat them like family. The kids have made many friends that have carried into elementary school. After this year it will feel strange not having a child there, but we look forward to the following year when our son will be old enough for the three year old class. We couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful program and staff at Calvary United Methodist Preschool!
Mark and Hunter Benson

All 5 of my children attended Calvary before I became an assistant teacher here in 2007. I believe in the values of the program, have been extremely pleased with every staff member my children came in contact with, have always felt at home and part of the Calvary Methodist Preschool family, and last but not least I was happy with how prepared each of my kids was for kindergarten. Now that I am an employee of the school, I can truly say that we treat every child as an individual, and care for them as if they were our own. We teach them how to be a student so they are ready to learn when they get to elementary school.

Kari Planz

I have you to thank for inspiring my son Aakash to come out of his shell. He loves you so dearly, and he seems to think that you are made of magic. Thank you for being so good and so patient with him. I’m so glad for teachers like Calvary Methodist Preschool who really make a difference in a child’s life. Thank you for being the guiding light, Thank you all teachers for everything that they do.

Shakti Kumar

We are in the process of transitioning our son from Early Intervention to CPSE. Throughout the process they have asked if he attends school and I have responded that he will be beginning at Calvary soon and EVERYONE (his therapist, the service coordinator and the evaluators) have all said “Calvary is one of the best schools in the area”! As a parent of a student, I know how great you guys are. But I thought that you would enjoy the news that the experts in the field are also recognizing the excellent work you guys are doing!!!

Lorell Fitzsimmons

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Submit a Testimonial

I’ve had the delight of spending some time in the classroom as a “substitute” and have shared in some of the learning, the routines, the themes and practices that are in place to ready our little ones for life beyond Calvary. Following each of these occasions, I recall walking back to my car feeling extremely pleased, confident and relieved in that once difficult decision that my wife and I made to send our twins to Calvary (nothing against the program of course, sending your first ones to school no matter where is a very difficult milestone).

From morning greetings which encourage socialism & confidence to daily announcements which prepare our children in the saying of The Pledge, Days of the Week, the weather outside and daily tasks which promote leadership, the Calvary staff have done a superb job in introducing our girls to the world beyond our home.

And speaking of home, ours is littered with the most fantastic art work; hanging in every direction and each piece speaks to and details very specific themes within the Calvary curriculum that our girls have (1) learned and (2) pridefully shared with us. It’s the later part of this statement which gives us encouragement & confidence as parents that we made the correct decision in Calvary Methodist Preschool!

Mark Condor